Benefits of regular hygiene visits in Glasgow

Visiting a dentist at least twice a year for dental check-ups and cleaning your teeth professionally can make a drastic difference in your oral and overall health. A clean mouth and healthy teeth not only reduce the risk for cavities and gum disease, but also can greatly improve your overall health. Healthy teeth can help prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease – and can even help your teeth as you grow older.

At The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry in Glasgow, we believe that prevention is better than cure and that’s why we put an emphasis on preventive dentistry for adults and children alike. Our experienced and talented hygienists will clean your teeth and gums thoroughly and offer valuable oral health advice. They can demonstrate effective cleaning techniques and offer their advice on diet and nutrition.

Benefits of Regular Hygiene Visits in GlasgowOral health risks and how to avoid them

While brushing and flossing both help to prevent cavities and gum disease, regular visits to the dentist are essential if you want to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. This is because dentists have the tools and the experience to look into common dental problems and treat them before they turn into more complex issues that require complicated and expensive treatment.

Visiting the dentist for scaling and polishing will not only remove plaque from your teeth, thus reducing the danger of gum disease, but will also help you understand how to take better care of your teeth. Our hygienists collaborate with our dentists to carry out clinical treatments recommended by the latter, such as scaling and polishing to prevent and control gum disease.

Breaking down the costs

Contrary to popular belief, continuing dental hygiene care appointments are relatively less expensive compared to more extensive treatments such as root canals, tooth extractions or dental implants. Restorative treatments such as dental implants can be quite expensive and may require more than one appointment. Therefore, visiting your dentist on regular basis not only will benefit your teeth, but also your wallet.

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