Rachael's Story

My name is Rachael and I’m now 21 years old.  My teeth journey started when I was around 12/13 when I had a small gap in between my two front teeth which I was insecure about.  I pushed for a referral from my dentist to see if I was eligible for braces to sort the gap.  Eventually I had the opportunity for braces with the NHS, however we quickly found out that my teeth were more complicated than first thought.  I was missing 3 teeth between either side of my front two teeth and one next to it, therefore I had no adult teeth behind those baby teeth.  I was also missing a wisdom tooth.

Fast forward 3/4 years.  I eventually got my braces off and had a denture with two teeth on it that I had to clip in/out.  I was over the moon with my teeth at first, however as time went on I noticed they we’re very off centre and I had an unusual bite - like a horses bite.  At my next appointment I had asked if anything could be done.  We then discussed jaw surgery, including another 3 months of ortho work either side, however it wouldn’t be the usual one or two breaks, for me, it would be 5 or 6.  I was happy to go ahead and had met with the surgeon more than 3 or 4 times.  It was then said that even after the surgery I probably would not be satisfied with what I would have had done as I still wouldn’t have a perfect bite. At this point I didn’t feel going through with such a huge procedure was worth the pain and time.
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So back to the drawing board!  I had met Scot Muir previously when I was around 13 and he had been recommended to see about my teeth.  He said come back to me when your older and fully grown and we can speak about implants etc. after your ortho work is done. So I was lucky enough to be in a position that that’s what I done!  After going through 3/4 years of ortho work with the NHS, discussions of jaw surgery etc. and still not being satisfied and feeling although I left worse off than I started, I thought I would visit Scot.

Scot was more than happy to carry out my implant surgery and saw no issue, however I explained my concerns with my teeth, my bite and my overall look.  Scot was very reassuring that he thought something could be done and that I wouldn’t be left like that.  He recommended me to Yannis who was working at the practice at the time.  I made a consultation and we discussed options, issues that may arise and if he thought it was possible.  I was at a disadvantage because I had so much ortho work done previously that my roots on my teeth had shrunk significantly and the chance of my two front teeth falling out were high.  Yannis absolutely transformed my teeth and my smile, while making sure that I had a denture to fill my gaps at the same time, as having visible gaps was a huge worry of mine while having treatment done.  Also, not having a lot of over movement and being watchful on how my two front teeth were doing.  In the space of two years my smile was exactly how I had pictured and wanted so badly - I had a normal smile!

I was still left with the gaps at this point.  I then started my implant surgery with Scot.  Everything was so straightforward and explained in detail.  I had my two implants fitted and had waited the 12 weeks to then come back and start designing my crowns.  During this time I was able to whiten my teeth to my desired colour, so that my crowns could then be matched.  A little issue with one not fitting perfectly set us back a few weeks but at my next appointment I got my two lovely, shiny crowns fitted.  At my previous appointment, when I saw them I panicked as I thought they were quite small compared to the false teeth in my retainer that I had for the past year.  However, I am so glad that I trusted the process and never questioned Scot and his teams talent!  These guys know their stuff!

I have started and finished my journey in just over 2 years and can’t believe how amazing my teeth now are!  Even better than I could have ever dreamed! 

This has been absolutely life changing to me.  I can now smile without worrying about having a horse bite, or having gaps showing when I am eating in public - the list goes on!  

I can’t thank SCED, Scot, Yannis and Imran enough for their amazing work and dedication to helping me achieve these results. Each and every one of the team are so talented in their own subject.  I can’t believe how easy my journey has been due to everyone being in the same place, and everything being done so efficiently rather than going to an orthodontist, then a separate individual for implant surgery, designing the crowns and someone else for teeth whitening.  

Everything being under the one roof has made my life much easier and saved so much time during my journey! What a talented bunch who I can’t thank enough!

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