I am delighted to be working at the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry. In 1980, I qualified as a dentist in Glasgow and have had a long and happy career in general practice and hospital dentistry. Throughout my career, I have had a keen interest in patients who suffer from dental anxiety and also patients who have oral facial pain. I was greatly interested in how the mind and body are inter-related. Is it the mind or the body that first activates our anxiety and once activated what keeps our anxiety going to the detriment of our overall health? These and many others questions have intrigued me greatly over the years.

In 2001, I qualified with an Honors degree in psychology and went onto complete a postgraduate diploma in counseling and psychotherapy. I have also had training in hypnotherapy, CBT, mindfulness and EMDR. All of these therapies can play a part in helping dental patients. Hypnosis can be used very successfully in patients who have a fear of getting dental treatment. EMDR can also offer resolution for patients suffering from dental anxiety. If you are having problems with chronic oral facial pain, you may have noticed that when you are stressed or not giving yourself enough rest that this pain can be more troublesome. Mindfulness and brief psychotherapy can help with these problems.

I would be delighted to see you for an initial consultation and together we can decide what form of treatment would be best for your individual needs.

Outside of dentistry, I have worked as a volunteer with a homeless charity for many years.

Mary Downie

Dr Mary Downie

BDS (1980), BSc (2001), Counselling skills cert (2004), Cert in spiritual direction (2012), Post grad Dip in Counselling & psychotherapy (2013), NICE accredited cognitive behavioural skills cert (2014), Hypnosis cert medical & dental hypnosis (2014), EMDR 1,2&3 (2018), MBSR (2018)
Treatment Consultant