Arshad Ali
Paul Trevisan

Qoute I have referred patients to SCED from my new practice Ciao Paolo since it opened 2 years ago. We also receive invitations for evenings at the Centre for postgraduate meetings on different topics inc implants and endodontics.

The facilities and welcome we receive are always excellent.

We have referred patients to Arshad Ali for implants and Mark Lang for endodontics.

The service is prompt and attentive and our patients appreciate being looked after in a welcoming friendly centre for their specialist care.

Very happy to provide this testimonial and look forward to working with the centre in future

Yours Sincerely Qoute Paul Trevisan
Director Ciao Paolo Dental Practice

Scottish Centre
Frazer J Murphy BDS MJDF

Qoute There can be no doubt that the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry provides the ultimate in referral services for implant dentistry. Our patients are provided with first class care and the referring dentist is provided with excellent mentoring and CPD training should they wish to provide the final restoration on the implant fixture. I can refer my patients with confidence to SCED. Qoute

Frazer J Murphy BDS MJDF4.5

Donald B McNicol

Qoute The name of the practice describes exactly what Arshad and his team provides.

I have been referring patients to Arshad and his colleagues for many years and have always found that myself, my practice staff and most importantly my patients have been treated in an exemplary manner on all fronts from initial consultation through to completion of treatment and reviews.

Not only have I been delighted with the results that Arshad and his highly motivated and skilled team produce, my patients without exception have been delighted with their care.

The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry promote and encourage the development of excellence, not just good practice, through their excellent post-graduate training via their courses delivered both on site and visits to the practitioners practices but also on an individual mentoring role. In my opinion The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry have supported my practice and encouraged us to develop and flourish by supporting both ourselves as clinicians and our patients through their care in joint cases where implants are placed at the Centre and restored in practice and by ensuring we strive to reach the high standards that The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry achieve consistently.

I am delighted to provide this testimonial for Arshad and his team and look forward to continuing working together to provide high quality, reliable long-term solutions for my patients Qoute

Donald B McNicol