Susan Robinson

As a nervous patient who had an infection and a hairline crack in a the front tooth I was really apprehensive. 

From meeting with Dr. Mark Lang, Mr. Ali, and Ruth Burgoyne the dental nurse I felt supported from the outset. Nothing is a problem for the staff at SCED.

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    Euan Smith

    Euan recently completed treatment at SCED. 

    His parents are patients of SCED and they recommended he come to see us after he'd had a bad experience elsewhere.  "I've had dental problems since an unfortunate accident as a child and recently treatment went wrong, so my parents advised I come to SCED.  The initial consultation went really well, everyone was so welcoming, friendly and I was treated like a human. I saw Dr. Mark Lang for Root treatment and Dr. Kevin O'Farrell for Cosmetic and Orthodontic work.

     No one has taught me more about my teeth than SCED, you receive a warm welcome from all the staff and have the added benefit of having all the different clinicians in the one building. I travel quite a distance to attend all my appointments and I honestly feel like I'm going on holiday when visiting the practice."

      Kyle Brown

      Kyle was referred to SCED by his dentist after he unfortunately had a rugby accident that left him with a damaged tooth that got infected and the root treatment failed. 

      Kyle said " My Dentist Dr. Yelland recommended Dr. Colin Burns at SCED as my tooth was badly infected and root treatment failed. I was in pain and as the tooth was right at front it was extremely noticeable". 

      Dr. Colin Burns immediately put me at ease. I needed to have a Dental Implant, so have been back and forward to SCED a few times and everything has went so smoothly. A touch of pain the evening after the procedure but that was it. I'm so happy to be able to smile again".

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        Rachael Jackson

        My name is Rachael and I’m now 21 years old.  My teeth journey started when I was around 12/13 when I had a small gap in between my two front teeth which I was insecure about.  I pushed for a referral from my dentist to see if I was eligible for braces to sort the gap.  Eventually I had the opportunity for braces with the NHS, however we quickly found out that my teeth were more complicated than first thought.  I was missing 3 teeth between either side of my front two teeth and one next to it, therefore I had no adult teeth behind those baby teeth.  I was also missing a wisdom tooth. 

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