We are proud of the investments we have made in our Dental Laboratory

Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry has an on-site laboratory which provides our patients with the highest standard of dentures and implant bridges. Our technicians work side by side with the dentists to achieve the best possible result aesthetically. We can also complete the treatments in a shorter time with less visits. Same day repairs of dentures can be carried out on-site as well which is much more convenient for our patients.

 SCED Laboratory provides aesthetic technical solutions to private dental practices nationwide. The Lab has become renowned for the quality of its work nationwide and only highly qualified and GDC registered Dental Technicians are employed by SCED, this is testament to their technical expertise.

Our Dental Technicians have a wealth of experience creating your restorations to match the colour and shape to your natural teeth using state of the art equipment and software.

Cutting Edge Technology

Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing the fastest growing advances in materials and techniques in dentistry.

CAD/ CAM programs have taken their lead from earlier analogue techniques to make it easier for technicians to move over to the new technology. This is allowing faster transition/training and the ability to use new materials and the time saving that Cad Cam allows. Cad Cam has seen the fastest changes in dentistry than ever before as such the capabilities and materials are changing almost monthly.

Not only technicians but dentists are seeing the change with the advantages of digital impressions. With controlled expansion over to digital dentistry we are seeing the benefits for the patients in the materials especially in the implant field of dentistry.

NobelProcera Scanner

The NobelProcera system has the accuracy to meet our laboratory’s needs for all of its CAD/CAM cases. 

These NobelProcera solutions range from tooth-born crowns in IPS e.max lithium disilicate; copings and bridge frameworks in high-strength ceramics (alumina or shaded zirconia), titanium, or cobalt chrome; to implant-born restorations, such as abutments in shaded zirconia or titanium; and milled titanium overdenture bars and superstructures to Telio CAD provisional crowns and bridges. 

With this system, precision-milled titanium implant bars that are compatible with more than 175 implant platforms can become routine offerings in the laboratory.

Straumann 3D Printer

Our technicians are delighted to offer the very latest in 3D printing technology, Straumann P series 3D printer.

This printer offers professional high-speed production of certified, maximum-precision and top-quality dental products. Sturdy, reliable and suited to a wealth of applications and ensures our laboratory is well equipped to meet the demands of dental aesthetics.

Benefits of Straumann P series 3D printer

  • Reliable - Functional engineering concept for dental applications. Simple and intuitive to use. Sturdy and durable technology.
  • Flexible-Open system. Multiple applications in one unit. Material change in less than 30 seconds.
  • Speed-Drill templates or temporaries printed in just a few minutes. Patented Force Feedback Technology.

Ultra-Suction Dentures

Suction dentures are a type of dental prosthetic that are provided by many dental clinics across the country. They are made specially by prosthodontist technicians, as they require specialised moulding techniques to design. Suction dentures rely on creating strong retention using atmospheric pressure. This is achieved by their unique design.

The vacuum is created once the dentures are seated and pressed onto the gum profile by expressing the air outwards. Once they need to be removed, the vacuum seal will cancel once manual force is applied. The process of removing the prosthetic may require a slight amount of force, but this is not a cause for concern and simply demonstrates that you have premium-quality suction dentures.

Suction dentures bring a variety of benefits for patients.

 The first is the added advantage of having more retention than conventional dentures. This is due to the additional support of the suction vacuum.  Other advantages, like the improvements in speech, mastication, and comfort, shows that suction dentures give more choice to the patient when deciding which solution is best for them.

Sced Dental Lab

Cosmetic dentures are bespoke dentures that are designed so they function in harmony with the patient’s facial muscles during function. Tooth arrangement on these dentures offer the patient higher aesthetic/cosmetic values. The acrylic is sculpted to replicate natural gum contours, high impact acrylics are injected moulded to give the highest precision fit possible whilst durability and strength are maintained. The teeth used are composite teeth not acrylic, they are stronger, have more charactisation, translucent edges which allow light to transmit through the body of the tooth & not have a matt lifeless look to them.

With cosmetic dentures preliminary impressions are taken and instead of using them to make the denture itself, they are used to fabricate custom impression trays that precisely fit your mouth. A second, more accurate functional impression is then taken using these trays which details the gums, as well as the surrounding muscles and tissues so when the patient uses their dentures all muscles have been allowed for during function.

    Prosthetic Lab work

    SCED Laboratory specialises in implants and offers comprehensive implant packages. We work with a wide range of implant providers and can work with you and your patient to achieve the best results. 

    We have included regularly requested items. If you have any questions, or require further prices we welcome your call or email.

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      Crown & Bridge Lab work

      We are an exclusively private laboratory with a team of skilled lab technicians. We have invested in the latest equipment in order to be able to produce the most realistic results.

      We have includes regularly requested items. If you have any questions, or require further prices we welcome your call or email.

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