A simple guide to the benefits of regular hygiene visits in Glasgow

Voted as one of the world’s most friendliest cities, Glasgow is both vibrant and dynamic. It does not disappoint its visitors and provides a lively atmosphere for its residents. The host to the largest retail centre outside of the famous West End in London, the streets are filled with cafes and popular high street brands to serve its residents.


In addition to this, Glasgow is also the home to many medical and health services including dental practices. So if you are based in the vibrant city of Glasgow and you would like to visit a dentist, you will be sure to find a suitable dental practice to help you.

Time to talk about the importance of good oral hygiene in Glasgow?

We are all aware of basic oral hygiene, but did you know that our oral hygiene is able to give indications about our general health as a whole? Even further, if unfortunately you end up  developing an issue in your mouth, it can also end up affecting the rest of your body? 

Once you become aware of this information you can understand the benefits of regular hygiene visits in Glasgow. One centre which is able to assist you in your journey to having and maintaining good oral hygiene is The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry.

An introduction to periodontics

Simply put, periodontics is the study of the health of gums, bone and structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. Periodontics also studies the diseases and conditions that can affect your teeth and surrounding areas.

Unlike a dentist, a periodontist has specialised in the prevention and treatment of tooth loss and also gum disease. They are able to give specialist advice with regard to maintaining the health of your gums and in the unfortunate event that you have gum disease or are prone to getting it, the periodontist will be able to undertake a thorough deep clean to ensure that it does not escalate to the point of tooth loss. This is one of the benefits of regular hygiene visits in Glasgow, and at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, we are more than happy to help.

How does our oral health affect our general health?

Through study and research, we now know that like other organs in our body, the mouth is full of bacteria, and at The Scottish Centre for Excellence, we are firm believers in preventing periodontal diseases. It is a known fact that adults over the age of 35 are more likely to lose their teeth due to periodontal disease as opposed to cavities. Which is why it is important to schedule regular hygiene visits in Glasgow to help you in ensuring that you maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine which will also aid in preventing such diseases.

In the event that you are dealing with periodontal disease and you decide to visit The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry we will assess your case to determine whether surgical treatment is needed. Thankfully in most cases, non-surgical treatment is good enough to manage the case of an individual. This can only be determined by visiting our centre and proves the benefits of regular hygiene visits in Glasgow mean that periodontal diseases are able to be managed and treated as quickly as possible.