Braces in Glasgow to suit anyone

When it comes to misaligned teeth, these days it’s not a case of one device fits all. Back in the day, people had a choice between clunky metal bracket and wire braces, or a removable aligner that worked on the front teeth only. But, over the past couple of decades there has been an explosion in the number of teeth straightening devices on the market.

Braces in GlasgowNow today, here at the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, we offer a range of different braces in Glasgow. Some are designed to deal with complex alignment issues but with an added twist, others for mild to moderate alignment issues. Some are made of metal, others of clear ceramic, still more from clear plastic.

Whatever your alignment issue, lifestyle and budget, there is bound to be a device to suit you.

The first thing to do if you want braces in Glasgow is to come into the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry for an initial consultation with one of our dentists. They can work out what needs to be done and then suggest a range of devices that are best suited to your needs.

Fixed versus removable braces in Glasgow

Basically, there are 2 types of braces: fixed and removable. If you are very disciplined in general then you can go for removable braces. These allow you to eat whatever you like because you take them out for eating and cleaning. Removable braces may not be such a good idea if you are a bit haphazard and liable to lose things. Not wearing your braces for at least 22 hours a day can result in the straightening process being interrupted. It takes 72 hours (3 days) for it to kick back into action, so every time you stop it, you add 3 days to your treatment time.

Discreet braces

Most people want braces that don’t totally take over their mouths. Today there is a wide range of discreet braces available, both fixed and removable.


Whatever braces you choose, you can expect to have to wear a retainer at the end of your treatment to keep your teeth in place.