Is it really possible to have same day teeth with all on 4 implants?

You may have heard of the phrase, ‘same-day teeth’, detailing a process in all on 4 implants in Glasgow that allow you to walk out of our dental practice on the same day with a completely functional, beautiful and natural new set of teeth.

All on 4 Implants in GlasgowNot only that, but your smile will no longer restrict you from laughing, chatting, smiling and eating the foods that you love. We understand that dentures can be restrictive at times and over time can cause you to lose the confidence that is critical to your social life.

There is no need for you to feel trapped by your smile that isn’t functioning as it should, with all on 4 implants in Glasgow, you can have your cake and eat it too!

How does it work?

Have you ever heard of a dental implant? They are widely used to replace missing teeth to create a long lasting and very effective tooth replacement. Dentists place a titanium rod directly into the jawbone and a crown or bridge is hung from this, leaving the patient with a natural and permanent alternative to false teeth.

Titanium is a material that bonds to the bone in the jaw as well as surrounding soft tissues. This unique trait makes it the perfect material to use for dentists who are looking to create permanent fixtures in the mouth, that they can rely on.

We only use the best materials available for any of our treatments so that you can rest assured knowing that you are given the best possible chance in having the healthiest smile that you deserve.

When it comes to denture stabilisation, we use four dental implants placed strategically around your mouth in order to create secure dentures that will not fail you. Your new teeth are attached using special mechanisms that mean that they will never slip or fall out of your mouth, but are easy to remove for cleaning when you want to.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Alongside feeling a lot more confident with a smile that works for you, allowing you to eat the foods you love and laugh and talk with confidence, you can also benefit from a strengthened jawbone due to the nature of the materials that we use.

For patients who are nervous about the entire procedure, know that we understand your fears and can provide sedative options to help ease you through the entire process. You don’t have to be afraid of the dentist and these modern sedatives can ensure that you breeze through the procedure without even knowing you have been in surgery.

This minor surgical procedure can be done in the comfort of our dental practice, so you do not need to be transferred to a hospital or a different site in order to undergo the treatment process. It should be known that after care is immensely important to us for a swift recovery and we are always available to guide you through appropriate care and answer any questions that you may have regarding your own recovery.

All on 4 implants can revolutionise your smile

For those of you who have found your dentures have become uncomfortable over the years,  leading you to miss out on opportunities (as you are concerned about potentially embarrassing yourself by losing your teeth whilst you laugh, smile or eat certain foods), you may be enthralled to discover the potential that all on 4 implants in Glasgow could have for you.

All on 4 Implants in GlasgowBy ensuring that dentures are stabilised in your mouth, you can rest assured knowing that they will not come out of your mouth until you want them to. This treatment is an efficient, fast and comfortable option that leaves you feeling like you have a full set of teeth again.

We are excited to be able to offer our patients this treatment, as we truly believe that it is a beneficial experience that can improve a patient’s life dramatically. There are a great number of ways in which we can achieve success together with all on 4 implants in Glasgow, depending on your personal situation.

What we can do for you

By coming in to see us, we can take a look at your individual case and discuss with you the many options that are available to you. It doesn’t matter whether you have recently decided that you are uncomfortable with your current situation or you have been suffering for years, we are confident that we can set you up with a treatment plan that will meet your needs in an ideal way.

Due to years of wearing dentures, or when a person has missing teeth, the jawbone naturally recedes, causing the face to prematurely age and appear sunken. This is because there is no longer the right kind of stimulation to activate cell regrowth in the jawbone. Only natural teeth and dental implants that mimic the tooth root can provide this stimulation and retain a strong and healthy jawbone.

As the jawbone recedes, patients find that their dentures no longer fit as comfortably as they once did. You may find that if your jawbone has receded that your dentures are slipping out when you speak or chew, or are rubbing uncomfortably in your mouth.

When we look at your current situation, we can determine whether you are immediately viable for the implant treatment or whether it is necessary for you to have prior treatment to prepare you for successful denture stabilisation.

By adding natural bone or synthetic tissue directly into your jaw, we can build up bone density to an appropriate amount in order for the replacement tooth root to be secure and for it to be able to securely hold your dentures.

It may take several months for the completion of the entire treatment should this prior course of action needs to take place, but the final results feel and look natural for our patients. Like with all things in life, good things take time and we ensure that we work through any obstacles that you may be facing precisely and accurately to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us.

Replacing teeth with All-on-4 implants

More and more people who are losing all their teeth are choosing to replace them with dental implants rather than dentures. Dentures wobble around after a while because they cannot stop the jawbone from shrinking. The jawbone needs tooth roots in it to stay strong and healthy. The roots act as transmitters, vibrating with the impact of the teeth coming together when we eat, talk and laugh. Without those vibrations, the jawbone thinks it’s no longer in use and it starts to dissolve itself so it can use the nutrients from the bone elsewhere in the body.

All on 4 Implants in GlasgowDental implants are replacement tooth roots. They are embedded into the jawbone and provide the vibrations the jawbone needs to stay strong.

All-on-4 implants is a special technique that allows the implant surgeons here at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry to replace a whole arch of teeth on just 4-6 implants.

We put 2 normal sized implants in vertically at the front of the jaw. These each hold a bridge of teeth. Then we support the teeth at the back of the jawbone on implants that are extra-long and go in at the back of the jawbone, coming forward at an angle to provide support and vital stimulation all along the side of the jaw.

The upper jawbone needs a couple more implants to hold the replacement crowns in place against gravity.

The crowns are handmade from dental porcelain. If you have a good photo of your natural teeth in their heyday, we can use it to reproduce them. We can also use impressions, so if you have any, hang on to them.

It will take a few months for your implants to integrate with your jawbone, and while this is happening, you will have to eat a liquid and then a soft food diet. But when integration is complete, you can go for your life with steaks and roast potatoes, nuts and apples.

Maintenance is a matter of making sure to avoid plaque build-up, with diligent brushing and flossing and regular trips to the hygienist for plaque removal. Do that and your All-on-4 implants in Glasgow could last for decades.

An easy way to replace lost teeth

If you have an entire arch of teeth that are finally giving up the ghost, you are probably feeling rather wobbly. Teeth are vital for our survival. They are what we use to process our food, to talk clearly and they are also vital to our looks. The toothless look has never really caught on in the world of high fashion, or even High Street fashion, so you are going to have to replace your teeth. But how?

All on 4 Implants in GlasgowWell, you could have dentures, but you may not fancy having to go back to your dentist every year to get them relined when they start to come loose. And they will start to come loose, because your jaws and gums will be receding under them because there is nothing in the bone to stimulate it to renew itself. It won’t take many years for you to develop that funny, pointy chin and thin jaw that goes with complete tooth loss.

It’s not a pleasant thought and there is another way to get all your teeth replaced, and that is with dental implants. Here at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry in Glasgow, we can replace all your teeth with only 4-6 dental implants on each arch.

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots and each one can hold up to 3 teeth on a bridge.

But we also use a technique called All-on-4 implants that uses extra-long dental implants that go in at the back of the jaw at a 45° angle and then run along the jawbone to support your arch. These are coupled with 2 normal-sized dental implants at the front of your jaw. You will probably need a couple more implants for the top jaw, so that your replacement teeth can defy gravity.

We insert the implants under local anaesthetic, and if you are very keyed up about the procedure, you can also have oral or intravenous sedation to deeply relax you. We give you a set of temporary crowns so that you leave the surgery with teeth in place, then, when your implants have integrated with your jawbone, we attach permanent, handmade porcelain crowns.

Forget about your teeth again

Remember how it used to be when you had a full set of natural teeth? How you would get up in the morning, give them a brush and go about your day. Then you’d brush them again before going to bed. But in between you could forget about them. How is it now with your dentures? Not like that, we’re willing to bet.

All-on-4 in GlasgowWe expect you have your dentures quietly at the back of your mind nearly all the time you are wearing them. You can feel them sitting on your gums, maybe sliding a bit on them, despite all that messy dental adhesive you put on them only a few hours ago. You wonder if they are going to let you down this evening when you’re out to dinner either by not staying still or by amassing a tonne of food under the plate. And what if your hosts serve up something your dentures can’t cope with, like roast potatoes. Maybe you should just cancel.

Or maybe not. Maybe what you need is artificial teeth that act like real ones. If only you could have afforded dental implants. Well, maybe you can when you come to The Scottish Centre for Dental Excellence in Dentistry for All-on-4 same day teeth.

What is All-on-4?

This is a brilliant dental implant technique that allows us to place an entire arch of teeth on only four implants (maybe six for the upper jaw, there’s gravity to take into account after all).

We put two implants in vertically at the front of the jaw and two longer implants in at a 45° angle at the back of the jaw. Running the implants along the jaw in this way means you can support around the arch. We can then put a set of teeth on that very day.

Why same day teeth?

Instead of having to wait for at least two months before we can fit you with replacement teeth, we give you temporary dentures and you walk out with teeth already in place, coming back in six months for us to fit your permanent porcelain crowns on a denture that you don’t take out at night.

Teeth that do their job properly

Teeth are very hard workers. If you keep an eye on your jaw, you may find that it is rarely stationery, and if you put all your attention on your teeth when you are eating, you will notice how much force they have to withstand in order to bite into your food, and then chew it into a good paste that can be properly digested.

No wonder really that it has been so hard to find decent ways to replace these little soldiers on the front line of the digestive tract. Finding a method that provides good looks and good functionality was something of a holy grail for dental researchers. The breakthrough came in the 1950s with the discovery of titanium’s incredible ability to not only be accepted by the body but to actually mesh with it by encouraging bone tissue to grow all around it. It took a few decades for the resulting dental implants to go from being a wildly out there and expensive treatment available to only a few, to being nearly everyone’s first choice for replacing teeth in Scottish Dentistry.

All On 4 Implants in GlasgowAlong the way there have been plenty of innovations in design and techniques for insertion that have made dental implants even more versatile and practical for patients. One of our favourite innovative techniques here at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry in Glasgow is what is called All-on-4 implants.

How does All-on-4 work?

All-on-4 is a great treatment for people who have lost all their teeth. It replaces all the teeth on the jaw with only four implants, and you get to walk out of our surgery with a temporary set of teeth firmly in place, in just one day.

The titanium posts we use for All-on-4 implants have to be angled correctly along the jaw so that they can support the bridges well. This means x-rays and scans, so that we can make sure they go in at the right angle at the right place in your jawbone.

After six months of healing time with your temporary bridge, you can come back to have your custom-made denture fitted to the implants. No one will ever know these are not your own natural teeth.

All on 4

Have you ever been or are you currently struggling with loose teeth?

Perhaps you have already lost your teeth or are struggling with a denture?

Are you finding it difficult to chew your favourite food or are you self-conscious about speaking to people face to face?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then there is a solution for you.

How does All on 4® work?

All on 4® works by removing all or most of your problematic teeth and then replacing them with a minimum of four dental implants (think of these as false tooth roots). The two at the front of the mouth go in straight and the two at the back of the mouth are put in at an angle. This helps to distribute your biting force over the whole mouth, whilst still providing you with the support you need. What happens next is the best part – You are never without teeth. Teeth that have been premade for you and only you are then screwed onto the man-made roots the day they are placed and this provides you with the comfort of having an immediate improvement – no more loose teeth or troublesome plate! However this 1st set of teeth are temporary, and you will be provided with a long term, aesthetically better set of teeth once the healing phase of 8-10 weeks is complete. Did I mention you can tailor your long term set of teeth to look exactly the way you would like them?

Case Study

Patient – 60 year old male

Prior to treatment the patient attended for an in depth consultation with Mr Arshad Ali. This was to discuss all of his concerns which turned out to be mainly that he had an upper arch existing bridge which now had abscesses in many areas. This bridge had been made in Trinidad seven years previously. He was also aware of a wobbly tooth and receeding gums. Mr Ali advised on the  possible treatments that would be beneficial but the only way to find the best solution would be if we could visualise his top jaw in 3D. This allows us to measure the bone height, width and depth in the whole top arch, allowing us to advise the patient of his options accurately. He decided to proceed with a 3D scan of his mouth and after a short 5-minute wait, he had the news he had hoped for. Implants were possible. Not only possible, but really the only solution, as the CT scan showed his other teeth weren’t great either – but he already knew that. We discussed the various options available and he ultimately wanted the implants but also something that didn’t come in and out of his mouth, as this would make him feel old before his time. All on 4® was his solution. We took some before pictures to keep on record as a base line of how our patient started his journey

Initially our patient attended for a second complementary consultation. By this point he had his letter and costs and this was just to ensure he understood the treatment and everything that it would entail. The plan was discussed and we advised his top right molar was to be removed before he went on holiday and at this visit we would take the impressions to have his temporary teeth made for his return from Australia.  We then took a set of  impressions to make a replica of the patient’s mouth. He had already had his top wisdom tooth removed by his dentist. From this impression the lab made a bespoke temporary set of teeth that could be aligned with the implants once placed.

Our patient arrived bright and early, but maybe not so bushy tailed as expected, as he was a little nervous of what  the day had to hold for him. However, this quickly subsided once we got started. The procedure consisted of initially numbing the top half of his mouth, removing all of the remaining top teeth and placing the six top implants – all of this lasted approximately three hours. The rest of the day was spent ensuring our patient was comfortable and pain free while his temporary set of teeth were being adjusted with the dental laboratory. Our patient decided to head home for a while and come back later in the day when his teeth were ready. He was provided with Ice (to stop any swelling from starting), antibiotics and painkillers to take at home. This rest lasted around four hours. His temporary set of teeth were then secured into place at 4.30pm and our patient couldn’t have been happier with his temporary result. He loved that he couldn’t, even if he wanted to, take them out. The following day, Arshad was shopping at Braehead when he bumped into our patient who was smiliang away; no pain, swelling or bruising!!

We reviewed our patient around 4 weeks after placement of the implants. He had no problems with swelling or bruising and was happy with his experience thus far. We introduced a Waterjet® at this stage so he could keep his gums and under the bridge clean. We also recommended a Hygienist visit so they could clean him mouth to a standard we wished him to maintain. The hygienist also went over how to use the Waterjet®.

At this stage we are three months after initial placement. On this visit we removed the temporary bridge and took impressions and sent this to the lab to make a final bridge for us. We replaced the temporary bridge and the patient was to return in one week for the next stage.

One week later, we tried in the wax version of our final bridge. We don’t proceed to a titanium base at this point to ensure there is no discrepancy with the impression taken last visit. This is to ensure everything is as accurate as possible. Our patient was enquiring about whitening his bottom teeth at this visit – what was great as we hadn’t yet chosen the final shade of our top teeth. He was advised to have in-surgery laser whitening and combine this with home whitening for two weeks. This would allow us, at the next stage, to match the new shade of his bottom teeth to the teeth we would place on his final All on 4®.

We tried in his new teeth and checked how he bites together. Everything is perfect, except that the patient feels his teeth are too straight! We made some minor adjustments which added character and the patient was delighted with his natural look. Next visit – fitting the final All on 4® bridge!

The grand reveal. We removed out patient’s temporary bridge for the final time. Our patient, who we have gotten to know very well over the past four months, is absolutely delighted, as are we. We took some images to show him his before and after pictures and provided the patient with a free hygienist visit so they could show him how to maintain his new teeth.

Patient Feedback

In all the sessions I had at the centre the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. For anyone with any apprehension about visiting a dentist they made you feel at ease. Having confidence in your dentist makes the whole experience less traumatic and Mr Ali goes to great lengths to ensure you fully understand your treatments and I stills that confidence.

My treatment has gone exceptionally well. It was completed in a relatively short period of time (the time was dictated by ensuring that proper healing had taken place and that the implants were secure).

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ali and his team to all my family and friends. Some have already experienced implants at other establishments and are amazed at what I have had carried out in such an efficient manner and pain free.


All is not lost with All-on-4 in Glasgow

Complete tooth loss sounds like a daunting prospect however modern dentistry means the future is brighter than you think. Dental implants are small titanium screws that integrate into the jawbone, creating a stable, enduring base to fit replacement teeth. A single dental implant can anchor multiple teeth, making the replacement of a full set of teeth that much easier. At the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry we are taking this technology even further in Glasgow. All-on-4 takes the dental implant system to the next level using just four implants to construct an entire lower or upper jaw of teeth.

all-on-4-in-glasgowHow does All-on-4 work?

The art of using just four implants to provide a stable jaw of teeth that can bite into all manner of hard and crunchy foods has been years in the making. When dental implants are fitted, our highly trained dentists place them at specific angles that will provide the most secure base for the replacement teeth. As soon as the implants are in, temporary teeth are fitted to encourage the new fittings to stabilise. After six months of healing the temporary teeth are replaced with permanent teeth that give the patient a natural look and feel.

The results are life changing, returning a patient’s ability to eat all manner of foods and smile from cheek to cheek. At the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry in Glasgow, All-on-4 technology is put to use by our team of highly trained dentists who collectively have over 50 years of experience in dental implants, making us ever ready to help you with your dental implant needs.

Why choose us for All-on-4 in Glasgow?

All of our dentists are trained at postgraduate level in order to provide you with high quality care. We aim to make your treatment journey as comfortable as possible and have treatment co-ordinators on hand to help make that journey smoother. For patients who are especially anxious, we also offer sedation and hypnotherapy. Ensuring you feel safe and cared for is always a top priority.

If you want to know more about All-On-4 in Glasgow, please get in touch and our staff will be happy to answer your questions.