An introduction to The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry

Known to be one of Europe’s largest private centres for dentistry, The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry combines 50 years of experience to provide successful treatments in the world of dentistry, face and body rejuvenation and implantology. We are known to be one of 59 leading dental centres of the world and over 800 dentists throughout the UK are known to refer to us for specialist treatments.


We have a dedicated team of specialists who aim to provide our patients with a pleasant and informative experience. We have treatment coordinators who take our patients through their treatment journey, ensuring that they are kept fully informed of the treatment they are about to undergo.

Are dental implants considered to be the best choice for me?

As mentioned earlier, our centre has provided over 50 years of experience in successful treatments. This includes implantology and other implant dentistry. We have carried out over 8000 procedures in placing dental implants.

Our dentists and specialists in this field have extensive experience in carrying out this procedure, and some are also heavily involved in teaching and training the dental professionals who wish to also carry out implant treatment. Our specialist team dealing with dental implants consists of Arshad Ali, Abid Faqir, Soct Muir and Kevin O’ Farrell.

What happens during the procedure?

For the procedure, a small metal post or frame is surgically positioned into your jawbone, which will allow one of our dentists to mount replacement teeth onto the post. So if you are in need of replacing a tooth, you will need to have a minor surgical procedure. Patients are required to have healthy gums and enough bone in order to support the metal post and replacement tooth. The post that will be put in place also provides stable support for artificial teeth as the implants are fused onto the jawbone.

If you feel particularly nervous about this treatment you can rest assured that the procedure is carried out under strict sterile conditions. Many patients do undergo this treatment under local anesthetic and others have the option of being placed under conscious sedation. Conscious sedation is considered to be a low level procedure for pain, both during and after the operation. If you do however experience any pain after the procedure, over-the-counter painkillers are recommended.

Implant Retained Dentures in Glasgow – a guide

In some instances, it may be recommended for an individual to have several teeth replaced, which is why implant retained dentures are considered a better option in some cases as opposed to dental implants. With Implant Retained Dentures in Glasgow, the dentures are secured by dental implants. This means that the dentures are able to act like natural teeth, and there is no worry of the dentures becoming loose. This can help in boosting the confidence of our patients.

This procedure is also considered to be minimally invasive, as any adjacent remaining teeth are left untouched. Implant Retained Dentures in Glasgow are also known to last a lifetime as long as good oral hygiene is maintained.

Are you in need of orthodontic treatment?

If you believe that you could benefit from having some orthodontic treatment, come and visit us today at the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry. We are fully qualified to advise you on which of our specialised treatments may be of most benefit to you and your unique case.


What do we offer?

The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry offers a whole range of treatments from cosmetic to implant dentistry. We want to make sure that you as the patient has a pleasant experience with us, and we want you to be as well informed as possible. We also offer oral and facial surgery, root canal and gum treatments, as well as implant retained dentures in Glasgow.

What are implant retained dentures in Glasgow?

Getting an implant is important if you have any teeth missing. This implant is a small screw, usually made from titanium, that is carefully fixed into the jaw bone. It acts almost as a replacement tooth root, and once it is in place the replacement tooth can be fixed. One of the reasons why implant retained dentures in Glasgow are popular with our patients is that the replacement teeth are made to blend in with your remaining teeth. It is unnoticeable that you have a dental implant, which is a big advantage for many patients.

In some cases, we are required to provide our patients with implant retained dentures in Glasgow. These are aimed more towards individuals who do not have the physical retention; meaning the implants cannot be fixed into a patient’s jaw for whatever reason. If this is the case, the denture is fixed into a patient’s mouth with two or more implants.

A look at the procedure

The process of placing dental implants into an individual’s jaw can on average take several months to complete and in some cases can require more than one surgical procedure.

One of the initial procedures that will occur when you have decided to have a dental implant or implants fitted is for you to have an incision in your gum. Our oral surgeon drills a hole into the bone to prepare for where the dental implant will be fixed into. This procedure is done under a local anaesthetic so you will not feel any pain or discomfort. However, the hole will need to be deep in the jaw bone to allow a strong foundation for the replacement tooth to be fixed onto.

The dental implant will not be fixed to the small screw straight away, as the jaw will not yet be solid enough for the replacement tooth. Instead, you will be told to come back to the centre once your gum has healed and your jawbone has been able to fuse with the implant. It may take a few months, but this is necessary to ensure that the gum is fully healed.

Once we are certain that your gum has healed, an impression is made using your remaining teeth to help us to make your permanent implant crown. When this is done we fix the replacement tooth or teeth onto your jawbone. The entire procedure is done under sterile conditions.

The aftermath

In order to ensure your dental implants last as long as possible, we stress to our patients the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene routine to avoid any problems in the future. So if you are in need of Implant Retained Dentures in Glasgow, by visiting our centre you can be assured that you will be provided with the most suitable treatment.