What exactly is impression-free dentistry?

Impression-free dentistry is essentially the utilisation of a newly developed three dimensional scanner that allows patients to avoid the traditional putty moulding method of impression taking. Impression-free dentistry may be suitable for patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist, because our three dimensional scanner can remove this anxiety for patients. Individuals may decide to undergo this ‘Trios three shape’ digital scanning method for obvious comfort reasons. The difference between traditional moulding and the modern three dimensional scanning technique is huge in terms of comfort and efficiency, as well as time. Patients undergoing the more traditional form of moulding may experience some discomfort during the putty stage, when they have to breathe through their nose and hold this position for several seconds. Undergoing the traditional treatment can also be a longer, and more complicated process than the new three dimensional approach.


What are some of the obvious advantages over the traditional moulding approach?

This new scanning technique is far quicker than the traditional moulding approach, which means patients require fewer appointments, and therefore find it less time consuming. Individuals who may not feel comfortable with the traditional putty substance used may much prefer the modern digital approach. The three dimensional Trios scanner is far more convenient, as well as more accurate.

How is impression-free dentistry in Glasgow faster than the traditional moulding approach?

With the traditional impression moulding process the finished products take longer as the impressions have to be sent off by courier post to the provider of the orthodontic treatment, however the same cannot be said for impression-free dentistry.  Using this ultra-modern technology at Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry we are able to send over the scans electronically, which means the products can be created at a much faster rate.

How does the scanner work?

Essentially, the three dimensional scanner is moved over the mouth, which means the scanner is not actually touching the patient’s mouth. This scanner takes over three thousand images per second, and is therefore one hundred times faster than a conventional video camera. It also allows the dentist to see the exact position of the patient’s teeth within the mouth.

Why you should choose us at our dental clinic in Glasgow to undergo your dental treatment

At our dental clinic we offer a wide array of dental treatments for our patients, boasting over fifty years experience in dental implants alone, as well as one hundred years of combined experience. We are proud to say we are one of Europe’s largest dental centres and offer our patients high quality treatments, with an equally high level of compassion.

Do I have to pay for my dental treatment immediately?

No! At our dental clinic in Scotland we provide our patients with a finance plan, which means they are able to pay for their chosen dental treatment monthly, rather than paying a hefty upfront cost. This flexible finance plan makes our dental treatments available to a larger number of patients, as well as affording them peace of mind.

What is impression-free dentistry, and why may I choose to undergo impression-free dentistry in Glasgow?

Impression-free dentistry is essentially a form of dentistry that avoids the putty-like moulding that patients may undergo before their dental treatment. Some patients may feel nervous about undergoing their dental treatment due to the impressions that have to be made before  treatment begins. At Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry we offer a unique and modern dental treatment that allows patients to avoid this step within the dental treatment process.


Individuals may decide to undergo impression-free dentistry in Glasgow at our clinic if they are reluctant to have intrusive impressions made. We offer a Trios in the mouth scanner which manages to capture the image of the teeth without using putty, or other uncomfortable materials. The impression can be viewed in a three dimensional form on screen for patients and dental healthcare professionals to view.

How does the impression-free dentistry in Glasgow actually work?

This modern scanner allows the image of the mouth to be of a higher quality, and takes more than 3000 two dimensional images per second. It differs enormously from a normal video scanner, as it is one hundred times faster than a conventional camera. This three dimensional image scanner allows your dental healthcare professionals to view an exact replica of your teeth.

What are my impressions used for?

These impressions can be used for a wide array of dental treatments, one of which might be to form a porcelain crown to replicate a natural tooth within the mouth. Crowns are designed to match the shade and shape of the surrounding teeth within the mouth and are designed to be strong, and comparable to surrounding teeth. Using this modern three dimensional scanner allows your dentist to record and track the position of the teeth within the mouth.

What is the alternative to this scanner?

The alternative to this simple modern scanning technique is a putty that is placed within a  mould inside the mouth. This substance must be bitten down on, and remain there whilst the impression forms and hardens.

How will the scanner impression be taken of my teeth?

Your dentist (or healthcare professional) will glide the scanner over your teeth, but you will not feel this. This scanner will rapidly take a three dimensional, digital impression of your mouth. These scans are immediately sent to the lab via the internet, which differs greatly from the traditional approach which requires impressions to be sent via the post.

What if I feel nervous about visiting your Scottish Centre for Excellence in Glasgow?

Many individuals may feel nervous about visiting their local dental clinic due to an irrational fear they may hold.

What is an irrational fear and what causes an irrational fear to develop?

An irrational fear (which is also commonly referred to as a phobia) may develop from a young age due to a negative childhood experience. At our clinic we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to patients experiencing varying levels of anxiety, so you can rest assured of every support being given to you.

Faster impressions, and no goo

Many of our patients don’t much enjoy it when we have to take impressions of their teeth in order to make prosthetics such as crowns or veneers, or to make mouth guards to protect them against sports injuries or grinding their teeth at night.

But now silicone impressions are a thing of the past here at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry. We have now invested in a handheld digital scanning device.

Impression Free Dentistry in GlasgowNo more breathing difficulties

Having your mouth filled with silicone putty was an unpleasant experience for quite a few of our patients. Some had to contend with trying not to gag if the putty came up against the back of their mouths. Others found it hard to breathe through their noses as they waited the minute or so that is required while the putty hardens. With the Trios 3Shape, the process is incredibly fast so you should not need a break, but if you do, we can pause the scan and give you time to recover before we carry on.

Introducing impression-free dentistry

The Trios 3Shape makes highly accurate 3D images of your teeth. It does this by taking thousands of pictures of your teeth, even more quickly than a video camera does. As it takes the pictures, they are sent to a nearby screen where the pictures are built up into one 3D image of your teeth and the surrounding gum and palate tissue. We can view the pictures from any angle to get a really good look at your teeth.

This only takes a few seconds. Because the pictures are digital, we can then send them instantly over the internet to the dental lab where technicians can use them to make you a new crown, veneers or crowns for dental implants. This dramatically cuts down on waiting times for new prosthetics as there is no delay between us making the image and the lab receiving it while it is transported in the post or via courier.

We look forward to letting you experience this innovative technology next time you need to have your teeth measured for some kind of prosthetic or mouth guard.

Putty is for windows, not for dentistry

Here’s the scenario. You come along to the dentist for a crown, dental implants, braces, a mouth guard, or veneers. In order to get your treatment done, your dentist needs to know the exact size, shape and position of your teeth.

Impression Free Dentistry in GlasgowSo, the nurse gets out a bowl and starts mixing up some purple gloopy stuff. It looks like some kind of playing dough, but this isn’t a game. You are about to have to open wide while the dentist jams the whole bowlful of goo up (or down) around your teeth. Somehow for around the next minute, you are going to have to sit still and try to breathe through your nose and not choke while the putty hardens to create an impression of your teeth. Fingers crossed you don’t have a cold. The dentist pulls it out, and it feels like your teeth are going to come out with it.

If you are lucky, the impression works first time. If not, and the shape of your teeth is not clear enough, you will to have repeat the process. It’s enough to put you off visiting the dentist, and for some people, it does.

Impression-free dentistry

But not any more at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry because here we have a new bit of kit called Trios. This is a scanner that goes into your mouth. Instead of modelling your teeth in putty, with the Trios scanner, we can create digital 3D images of your teeth.

The Trios scanner works by taking more than 2000 2-dimensional pictures a second. This is 100 times than a normal video camera. As the Trios scanner works, the pictures are sent instantly to a nearby screen, where they build up into a 3D image of your teeth.

Once the picture is complete, we can move it around to view it from any angle. We can send the pictures straight to the lab for the technicians to work on a perfect replica of your teeth to create the crowns, veneers, or prosthetic teeth you need. This cuts down on the time required to make you new teeth, whole or part.

We’re really proud of our scanner and our patients love it too.