Half a year is all it takes

If someone said to you, ‘You only have to put up with this for half a year’, most people could get through almost anything. What about straighter teeth in 6 months in Glasgow? Could you put up with delicate brackets and wires on your teeth for half a year if it meant a lifetime of beautifully straight smiles? At The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, we’re willing to bet you could. And you can, if you have only mild to moderate alignment issues affecting your front six to eight teeth.

Straighter Teeth in 6 Months in GlasgowKnown as the social teeth because they are the teeth other people see the most when you are talking and laughing, these teeth are that bit easier to move than the molars because they have only one root to anchor them in place.

How teeth move

Getting the teeth to move in the jawbone can be done at any age, so even if you are 99 and have a yen for straighter teeth, we can help you. Shifting the teeth requires sustained pressure. They won’t even start to move in the jawbone until that pressure has been going for 72 hours (three days). Then the bone cells kick into action to relieve the pressure, and they dissolve bone cells on the side of the tooth that is being pushed against and build it up on the side that it is being pushed away from. If the pressure stops for a few hours, so does the bone rebuilding and dissolution process and then you have to start all over again with the 72-hour beginning period.

This is why for a lot of people, wearing bracket and wire braces makes a lot of sense. The wires create a pulling pressure and this is kept up 24 hours a day, so the process does not stop. The wires are adjusted every few weeks by your dentist to keep up the pressure too.

After braces, the retainer

Once your teeth reach alignment, they need to go through a settling in period of several months. You will need to wear a retainer, either bonded to the back of your teeth, or a removable one overnight, to keep them in alignment.

Quicker than you think

People have this idea that getting their teeth straightened is a long process that takes a good couple of years, if not more. This is true for those who have very complex alignment issues that may involve realigning the jaws so that they meet together properly as well as realigning their teeth. However, for the majority of our patients here at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, treatment times are much shorter.

Straighter Teeth in 6 Months in GlasgowIf you would like to have straighter teeth but are put off by the idea of having to wear braces for ages and ages, it is worth coming in for a consultation. You may be happily surprised to find out that you could have straighter teeth in 6 months. In Glasgow, we have been straightening teeth for many years and have brought together an excellent range of devices to cover all alignment issues and also offer some real lifestyle pluses.

As well as being able to give some of our patients’ straighter teeth in six months in Glasgow, we also know that for many of you, comfort, discretion and being able to eat what you like are also key.

What takes the time

Teeth are moved by having a constant pressure exerted on them in a particular direction. In order to relieve the pressure, the bone breaks down in front of this direction and builds up again behind the tooth. All braces and aligners work to exert gentle pressure to initiate and keep up this process. This is why you have to wear them constantly. Removable devices still have to be worn for at least 20 hours a day, otherwise the bone break-down and build-up process stops and has to start all over again, which takes three days.

The length of time it takes to move your teeth will very much depend on your alignment issues. If your teeth are mildly to moderately misaligned, we may well be able to move them in six months, but we will need to carry out a consultation to make sure. This type of treatment is most often possible when dealing with the front six to eight teeth.