Dental procedures that will give you straighter teeth in six months in Glasgow

What was once considered impossible in dentistry is now a reality; if you are looking to get straighter teeth in six months in Glasgow, this is now achievable.

Straighter Teeth in Six Months in GlasgowHaving straighter teeth does not necessarily mean that your teeth are no longer misaligned. If your teeth are severely crooked or you have prominent gaps, then resolving these common dental occurrences will also give you a straighter looking smile too.

However, if you need straighter teeth in a bit of a hurry, there is now the option to have the straightening process accelerated, meaning you will feel happier and more confident in no time at all.

Why would I need my teeth straightened quickly?

Traditionally, misaligned or crooked teeth could take up to or exceed, 5 years to correct with the standard, metal braces. This had an enormous impact on the wearer’s life and could cause issues with confidence, dental hygiene and could be painful.

Today, dentists have the technology and skills to be able to create straighter teeth in a shorter time period using a range of different techniques that do not waste time.

Often, patients require straighter teeth in six months in Glasgow if they are getting married, graduating from university, attending a landmark event or simply because they just want the work completed quicker.

How is it achieved?

The idea of having a straighter smile in six months may be too good to be true, so many patients are wary that there is an awful catch in the treatment somewhere. This is not the case however, and at our dental surgery to get straighter teeth in six months in Glasgow, we typically use two methods to give you your dream smile in 6 months or less.



Quick Straight Teeth’s Q Removable Braces can straighten your teeth in as little as 4-24 weeks using, discreet, clear, removable braces. Unlike traditional metal braces, Q Removable Braces are able to be removed and so, your dental hygiene or food consumption will not be affected during the process of your treatment.

With these treatment options, our patients have reported incredible results to us and have achieved that straighter smile just in time for that wedding or party.

If you want a straighter smile in six months, contact us today.