The benefits of teeth whitening in Glasgow

Whitening your teeth may seem like something that only the incredibly vain or Hollywood starlets seem to do, but in reality it’s a fairly common practice and it can provide quite a number of benefits to patients of this practice.


Here are some of the benefits waiting for patients interested in teeth whitening in Glasgow.

What the process involves

Before we get too far into our list, the process of teeth whitening in Glasgow essentially involves brightening your teeth’s natural shade by removing any discolouration and staining, whilst also not damaging a single tooth or the protective enamel layer around them.

At The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry our team will take the utmost care in your whitening sessions to ensure that your teeth and gums are kept healthy and safe whilst we restore that faded smile.

Removes signs of staining

One of the most common reasons for patients coming for whitening is to reduce staining. Over time a discolouration or ‘yellowing’ of the teeth can start to appear and this can be quite off putting for patients that are less than confident about showing off their smile. The main causes of this staining are down to things that we eat and drink in our diet, such as coffee, wine and tobacco products like cigarettes, pipes and cigars.

A few scheduled sessions of whitening with our team can reduce this staining, whilst brightening up your natural shade to give you back those shiny pearly whites you may have thought you had lost for good.

Provides a confidence boost

Your smile can speak volumes about you and having a less than confident grin can be quite a source of anxiety for our patients. Brightening up that grin with a few whitening sessions is a great way to give yourself that little confidence boost.

Makes a special occasion more memorable

Having a confident smile that you can show off during a special day such as an anniversary, birthday or wedding can make a massive difference, so why not make the day memorable by brightening up that smile?

It also can help make you look more professional during job interviews, This is because the smiles we show to the world can speak volumes without us ever saying a thing, so hand yourself as much of an advantage as you can, by giving yourself a healthy looking set of teeth.

Eases those signs of ageing

Over time your teeth can start to yellow and thin as the protective enamel layer around them starts to wear down and degenerate from acids in our diet and through general wear and tear from brushing, eating or activities. Using our bleaching techniques we are able to ease off the signs of this thinning to keep your smile looking healthy and bright as you enjoy your twilight years.

These are just a few of the numerous ways in which you can benefit from a few whitening sessions with our team. If you would like to learn more about this particular procedure, or to schedule your own appointment then just get in touch with our team at our Glasgow practice.

Restore that faded smile with teeth whitening in Glasgow

You may have pearly whites right now, but over time that glamorous grin can start to fade as your teeth become stained and discoloured to the point where that once confident smile is now hidden away.


With a few sessions of teeth whitening in Glasgow we can bring that smile out of the shadows and give  your teeth a healthy glow you will love to show off.

What causes tooth discolouration?

Discolouration or ‘yellowing’ of the teeth is fairly common and a lot of patients look to teeth whitening in Glasgow as a way to resolve this problem. The source of this staining is mainly down to diet as things like wine, coffee and tobacco based products such as cigarettes, can leave your smile looking less than stellar.

Although this doesn’t happen after one night of drinking one or two glasses of wine, it’s more a cumulative build-up. So that morning coffee right now may not seem like it’s doing any harm, but over time you may find that your teeth start to not look as bright as they once did.

How your teeth are restored

When it comes to whitening your teeth there tends to be two commonly used techniques to brighten up a tooth’s natural shade. The first option involves your dentist sprinkling a reactive powder on your teeth that is then exposed to a laser which will cause a reaction to occur that should whiten them over time.

The other commonly used technique is similar to the laser method and is often referred to as ‘power whitening’, but instead of a laser we use a special light to start the whitening reaction.

At The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry our team have a combined 50 years of experience in handling patients with a range of requests such as whitening and in just a few short sessions we can have that smile looking brighter and whiter once more.

Whitening kits

One particularly unique feature about whitening your teeth is that you don’t need to come into the practice to have it done, as we can provide you with a kit to use at home. This option is ideal for patients that may have a strict schedule or are only free after the practice has closed.

The kits are all custom made and your dentist will normally provide you with detailed instructions on how to use them and how long for, to make sure you get the correct results.

Is it safe?

Because this treatment does involve using a bleaching component it’s completely understandable to have concerns about it, but it’s completely safe. Whitening treatments and the home kits that are provided are all rigorously checked and strictly controlled to ensure there is no harm to patients.

If you’re still worried then we recommend that you only use a small amount of gel from your home kit and follow your dentist’s instructions to the letter, to ensure that your gums and teeth are kept healthy whilst they whiten.

These are just a few facts about our whitening process, if you would like to know more about how we can help restore your smile then just get in touch with our team at our Glasgow practice.

What is tooth whitening in Glasgow and why may I choose to undergo tooth whitening in Glasgow?

Tooth whitening is essentially a form of cosmetic dentistry that offers a relief from both extrinsic and intrinsic staining of the teeth. Tooth whitening can be done in a wide variety of  ways, including treatments at home. Within our dental clinic we offer the choice of both laser treatment whitening, as well as power bleaching. Power whitening is good in the way that it achieves almost sixty to seventy per cent of the final result within as little time as sixty to ninety minutes. This form of treatment means that the patient has to deal with less of the treatment themselves at home. We also offer home bleaching options which can be a huge advantage to patients who have a busy schedule, and hectic lifestyle.

Tooth Whitening in Glasgow

At our dental clinic we offer a wide range of  forms of tooth whitening in Glasgow Individuals who may choose to undergo this particular form of dental treatment may wish to increase their overall aesthetic appearance, along with their self-confidence. Some young individuals may particularly suffer from a low level of self-esteem and they may believe that having whiter teeth will increase their feelings of self-worth.

What causes teeth to become stained, and how can it be avoided?

Individuals who could be suffering from both extrinsic and intrinsic staining may wish to alter their lifestyle factors. Consuming highly pigmented foods such as curries, and red wine may increase their risk of suffering from discoloration of the teeth. An individual who smokes may also suffer from a low to high level of yellowing of the teeth, which can be resolved through a wide array of forms of teeth whitening.

What forms of teeth whitening do you offer at your dental clinic in Glasgow?

At our clinic we offer home whitening kits and we also offer tray whitening. If you wish to undergo whitening at our clinic we can offer a form of laser treatment whitening, as well as power bleaching.

How does home whitening work?

This process works by using fitted mouthguards at home, these contain a solution of ten per cent hydrogen peroxide which are then worn for around sixty to ninety minutes every single day.

How long does the home whitening process take?

The length of your dental treatment time all depends on whether you have completed one or both forms of treatments. If you have not completed the power whitening aspect then this form of treatment may take ten to fourteen days to complete. However, if you are an individual who has completed both power whitening in the dental office and at home whitening, then this process may take as little as five to seven days to complete.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

The price of teeth whitening can vary greatly between each individual surgery,and each individual case. At our surgery we offer finance plans in order to allow our patients to avoid a hefty and unwanted upfront cost.

What is teeth whitening and why may I choose to undergo teeth whitening in Glasgow?

Teeth whitening is essentially a form of cosmetic dentistry, which means it is unfortunately not available on the National Health Service. Cosmetic dentistry differs greatly from other forms (such as family or general dentistry) as it focusses solely and primarily on improving the aesthetic appearance of an individual’s smile. Some key examples which may come to mind when ‘cosmetic dentistry’ is heard may be teeth whitening, as well as veneers (wafer thin caps which are placed onto the teeth to improve the appearance of a person’s overall smile). An individual who may choose to undergo this form of cosmetic dentistry may wish to remove some discolouration of the teeth. Discolouration of the teeth can be caused by a variety of lifestyle factors. It may be common knowledge to you, but smoking can severely yellow teeth, therefore quitting smoking may reduce this staining. Consuming food and drink that is highly pigmented may also increase the chances of an individual experiencing discolouration of the teeth. Some examples of food and drinks that are highly pigmented include coffee, red wine, and curries.. An individual may not necessarily have discoloration or yellowing of the teeth if they choose to undergo teeth whitening, an individual may simply wish to improve their appearance, as well as their self-confidence.


Why choose us to undergo your teeth whitening in Glasgow?

Undergoing a form of dental or orthodontic treatment can be a large mental and financial investment for any individual. Every dental surgery or clinic can offer different benefits. All clinics have a varying price range, this is subject to the location and the severity of each individual case. We are proud to say we boast a wide array of dentistry awards and specialise in many dental fields. We have over one hundred years of experience, and over fifty years of specialised experience in dental implants. We have fitted over eight thousand dental implants for patients, and we are proud to say we are one of just fifty eight leading dental clinics in the world.

Are you easy to access?

As a dental surgery, we are able to offer free parking for anyone who chooses to undergo their dental treatment with us. We also offer easy access for disabled patients, so we make ourselves available to everyone when undergoing treatment with us. We are located less than five minutes away from the M8 which can be very convenient for a lot of our patients.

How expensive is tooth whitening in Glasgow, and is it available on the National Health Service?

All dental treatments differ greatly at each dental clinic, as does every individual’s case. This treatment is not normally covered by the NHS.

Do I have to pay for my teeth whitening dental treatment in one sum, or can I pay for my dental treatment monthly?

We offer a monthly payment plan, which means our patients can avoid a large initial payment, but instead have payments distributed into manageable instalments.

Ever thought of getting your teeth whitened?

Have you been toying with the idea of getting your teeth whitened in 2019? If so, you won’t be alone. Teeth whitening is the most popular dental treatment throughout the world.

At The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, we do teeth whitening for many of our patients, so we can confirm that it’s very popular in Glasgow too.

Teeth Whitening in GlasgowWhat makes teeth whitening so popular?

We think it is because you can dramatically change the look of your smile without having to undergo any treatments that will alter the structure of your teeth.

Whitening is not permanent, but you can make it last longer by watching what and how you eat. Plus, when it does finally wear off, you can easily get a top-up treatment. Teeth whitening is safe to repeat as many times as you like. It can make your teeth feel sensitive for a while though, so you may need help with that.

What does whitening do?

Whitening gels contain hydrogen peroxide (water with an extra oxygen atom) that gently lifts out traces of foods and drinks that have got lodged in the pores of your tooth enamel. These surface stains are easily removed and whitening works on 92% of cases here.

Whitening will not work on stains that are intrinsic to your teeth, but you can cover them over with veneers or composite bonding instead.

There are 2 ways you can get your whitening done.

In the clinic

Book yourself in for a power whitening session and you will see dramatic results in around an hour. We use a plastic barrier over your lips and gums and then paint your teeth with a fairly strong concentration of whitening gel. We stop the treatment once your teeth have reached the shade of white you wanted.

In your home

Or why not get some gel trays made to exactly fit your teeth and carry out your whitening treatment at home. It takes longer, a couple of weeks, because the solution is milder, but once you have the trays you can buy more gel to top-up your treatment as and when you like.

Take years off your smile with teeth whitening

As we go through life, eating and drinking all sorts of highly pigmented foods and drinks, our teeth collect their traces. Fancy a glass or 2 or red wine to celebrate the end of dry January? Drinking loads of tea and coffee in the meantime? Perhaps you are a big fan of tomatoey sauces? Or maybe you are still a smoker? If you consume any or all of the above, as they pass by your teeth, they will be leaving tiny traces of themselves lodged in the pores of your tooth enamel.

Teeth Whitening in GlasgowThat’s right, tooth enamel is porous, and when we eat or drink, it becomes more so, which is how it is able to collect traces of food and drink. Tooth brushing can’t dig around in those pores, and even the hygienist can’t get rid of surface staining if it’s down in the enamel. But teeth whitening can.

Teeth whitening gels use hydrogen peroxide to gently lift out these surface stains. If you have ever used hydrogen peroxide on an infection in your skin, you will know how it bubbles out the infection. It does something similar to surface stains on your teeth.

How quickly it works depends on the percentage of hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel. The gel we use when we carry out power whitening treatments in the clinic here at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry in Glasgow is stronger. The whitening gels you take home contain 10% hydrogen peroxide.

The stronger gel can remove 60-70% of your stains in just an hour when you come into the clinic. We protect your lips and gums with plastic barriers before painting on the gel, which is activated by a UV light.

If you still need further whitening after that, we can supply you with a take home kit. This kit has gel trays that are made to fit your teeth exactly from impressions made with dental putty. You put the gel in the trays and wear them for a short period each day, and it will take about 2 weeks to remove the staining.

Try whitening and watch the years fall away from your smile.

How long does whitening last?

Getting your teeth whitened is the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry throughout the world. People love it because, no matter what the shape, position or condition of their teeth, it gives them a lift and makes their owner look more youthful and healthier.

But, like all cosmetic dental treatments, whitening is an investment and you will want your investment to last as long as possible. Let’s take a look at what causes tooth discolouration, how whitening works and how long it lasts.

Teeth Whitening in GlasgowThose nasty stains on your teeth

In the majority of cases, discolouration is caused by traces of things we have ingested getting caught in the pores of our tooth enamel. These traces of things like coffee, tea, red wine and berries are embedded in the pores and won’t come out with brushing or hygienist treatments. They build up over time.

There are some problems that whitening can’t fix, and in that case, we would probably recommend that you have veneers to cover up the discolouration.

Two ways to get whitening

At The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, we offer 2 ways to get your teeth whitened. You can come into the clinic and get your teeth whitened in around an hour. We use a fairly strong hydrogen peroxide gel that we paint onto your teeth and activate with a UV lamp. You can choose the shade of white you want to lighten to.

Alternatively, you can do the whitening yourself at home, using a milder gel and a set of bespoke gel trays we make from impressions of your teeth. These fit your teeth exactly to produce maximum contact between the gel and your teeth. You wear them for a short period each day and, depending on the depth of discolouration and how white you want to go, the results take 2-3 weeks to appear. The great thing about DIY home whitening is you can just buy more gel when you want to top up your treatment.

How long does whitening last?

It is generally reckoned that whitening treatments last about 18 months, but you can make them last longer by cleaning your teeth after every meal and avoiding the foods and drinks that cause staining.

Scottish winter welcomes smiles

Here we go again. The sun is disappearing from Scotland for the next few months. It’s dark, dark, dark again and we all need each other’s smiles to keep cheerful. How is yours doing? Is it up for breaking out spontaneously on the streets of Glasgow as we trek through the dark to and from work? Or are you keeping it under wraps and going for the grimace rather than the grin?

If you are a closed lip smiler because you are ashamed of your teeth, then why not think about getting the word’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment and giving us all a boost with your whiter smile?

Whitening in GlasgowWhy so popular?

Here at The Scottish Centre for Dental Excellence, we think teeth whitening is so popular because it’s an easy way to transform any smile without having to have treatments that alter the size, shape or position of your teeth. It’s so easy, you can even do it yourself at home. Or, if you’d rather, we can do it for you at our dental practice. With either method, it’s a good idea to get any plaque removed first as this creates a barrier between the whitening gel and your teeth.

Take home whitening kits

It’s safer to use a kit from a dental practice than one bought off-the-shelf because the gel trays we give you are made to fit your teeth exactly. This means that you get maximum contact between the gel and your teeth without it spilling out and onto the soft parts of your mouth. The home-use gel uses 10% hydrogen peroxide, which is milder than the one we use in the clinic. You can buy courses that take 10-14 days, or 5-7 if you have already had power whitening at the clinic. You wear your gel-filled trays for 60-90 minutes every day.

Power whitening

We can use a stronger gel in-clinic, painting it onto your teeth, having already protected your lips and gums with plastic barriers. It takes about an hour to go several shades lighter.

Whitening is successful in about 92% of treatments. If your discolouration is not suitable for whitening, you may want to think about having veneers instead.

Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening in Glasgow

As we grow old, our teeth tend to darken and become yellow and dull. Tooth discolouration is difficult to avoid as everyday activities such as eating and drinking will cause our teeth to darken over time. Luckily, professional teeth whitening can rapidly restore your teeth to their original colour or even make them brighter.

At The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, teeth whitening has become a very popular dental treatment for patients of all ages. Our customised bleaching treatments are far more effective than over-the-counter treatments, which have a one size fits all gel tray, which may lead to whitening gel falling out and harming your teeth and gums.

Teeth Whitening in GlasgowWhy do teeth become yellow and stained?

The consumption of certain foods and beverages can cause discolouration. Caffeine, dark-coloured foods, berries and tomato sauce are only a few food items that can stain your teeth. Medications can also stain your enamel, while some people are genetically predisposed to have more yellow teeth than others. However, the prevalent causes of yellow and stained teeth are bad hygiene and ageing. Luckily, most of these stains can be removed with professional teeth whitening in Glasgow.

Power whitening

If you are looking to get your teeth whitened in a fast, safe and effective manner then power teeth whitening in Glasgow is for you. This whitening treatment involves the use of a special light that helps activate the bleaching solution that is placed on your teeth by your dentist. This way you can have white teeth in an hour or less.

Home whitening

Home whitening is an equally popular treatment that involves the use of customised trays. Your dentist will show you how to wear them along with bleaching gel for a few hours. This method is not as quick as power whitening, but results can be seen in two weeks or so.

But safety first

Before commencing any teeth whitening treatment, it is important to have a thorough dental check-up to ensure any cavities, disease or exposed roots are taken care of prior to the treatment. To learn more about your teeth whitening options in Glasgow, contact us today.

Giving your teeth that extra sparkle

Everybody wants bright white teeth, and teeth whitening treatments are more commonly available now than ever before. Teeth whitening treatments are the most popular cosmetic treatment in the UK. This is because of their ability to give fast and cost-effective results with no alteration to the actual structure of the teeth.

Being proud of the appearance of our smile is very important when considering our self-confidence. In today’s society, confidence is key, and having a warm and welcoming smile can open many doors in our social lives and even our careers.

Teeth Whitening in GlasgowIn-practice whitening treatments

Here at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, we offer two different types of teeth whitening. In Glasgow, you can have your teeth whitened in a matter of a couple of hours.

Our in-practice power bleaching treatment can get you results within 60-90 minutes. In the practice, the dentist will protect your lips and gums, then apply the highly concentrated whitening gel. This should always be carried out by a dental professional as the gel could be harmful if applied incorrectly.

Home bleaching kits

Our home teeth whitening kit uses a 10% hydrogen peroxide gel that is worn in your custom-moulded tooth trays for 30-60 minutes per day. The usual course of whitening lasts 10-14 days or 5-7 days if you have already had in-practice whitening.

The treatment time also depends on what shade you want to achieve. Current evidence shows that the treatment can last 18 months and has no harmful effects on your teeth and gums.

Teeth whitening treatments are successful 92% of the time, so you will get the results you want.

Causes of discolouration

If you want the effects to last longer than you can reduce the causes of discolouration.

The main cause of discolouration is the foods and drinks we consume. Coffee, tea and red wine can stain our teeth if consumed often enough. Certain fruits and vegetables can also affect the colour of our teeth.

Smoking is also a leading cause of tooth discolouration along with gum disease and many other health problems, so your dentist will always give advice on quitting and encouragement to do so.