Do you require dental implants in Glasgow?

If you are an individual who is suffering from the loss of one, several, or possibly even a whole row of teeth from within the mouth, then you may require dental implants. Implant dentistry may be recommended for patients who are experiencing difficulty when attempting to brush teeth, drink, or even chew normally. Despite the obvious consequences of missing teeth (such as functional disadvantages) gaps within the mouth can also cause health problems and physical imperfections.


Are you considering dental implants in Glasgow?

At our dental clinic within Glasgow we strongly believe that prevention is always better than cure, however unfortunately teeth may be damaged or lost through an accident that are too far gone to mend. If you are suffering from low self-esteem or a speech impairment (also commonly known as a ‘lisp’) then you may wish to get in touch with our clinic.

So what’s the harm?

If you are suffering from missing teeth that are less conspicuous, then you may be debating whether to overlook the gap on the gum line in your mouth. Individuals may refrain from receiving restorative dentistry for several reasons, (such as dental nerves, or financial concerns) however missing teeth can cause health problems and can erase years’ worth of orthodontic work.

Preventing the development of oral diseases and infections

Our dental implants are extremely durable and of course look fantastic, however many of our patients may be unaware that they can also help improve their oral health. Missing teeth can be a breeding ground for the accumulation of oral bacteria within the mouth which can unfortunately turn to plaque and later gum disease, replacing the natural teeth with implants therefore helps the health of your smile!

How much do dental implants cost?

At our surgery in Glasgow we treat every case as unique, which is why the treatment costs for each patient can differ greatly. The best way of receiving a costing is to meet with one of our consultants to identify exactly what work needs to be done.

Why choose us?

Receiving dental implants in Glasgow could be considered as a substantial financial investment for any individual which is why choosing the right dental clinic can be a tough decision. Our fantastic team of dental healthcare professionals boast over fifty years of dental implant experience and have successfully administered eight thousand implants for our happy patients. In addition to our impressive track record we adopt a patient centred approach, which means we treat each dental case as unique and personal, this results in us tailoring each of our patients’ implants for their dental needs.

Restorative dentistry you can trust

Our experienced team has not only placed many implants within the mouths of patients but we also publish our successful work on our modern and accessible dental website. Our team takes photographs of our patients’ smiles before and after their dental implant treatment, which helps our potential patients get a glimpse at their future smile. In addition to our digital case studies we also display several positive patient reviews, which can be helpful for patients who are considering receiving our dental services.