Feel confident this Mother’s Day in Glasgow with a new smile

A new smile doesn’t stop with your teeth. There are other aspects to your smile that complete the final look. For you to feel confident this Mother’s Day in Glasgow, we understand that you need to feel great about how your entire smile looks.

This is why we offer facial rejuvenation options in our dental practice. Our dentists have many years of experience and study on the anatomy of the face, so it only makes sense that we utilise this knowledge for your benefit.

Who better to assist in such non-surgical facial enhancement treatments than a dentist who understands the importance of your smile and how it needs to look and feel natural in order for you to feel confident this Mother’s Day in Glasgow.

Come and speak with us today about the range of choices we have available so that you can determine whether any of these options are suitable for you.

What are some of the options that we provide?

Facial line softening can improve the appearance of frown and forehead lines and crow’s feet. A purified protein is used to relax and soften muscle activity. The results are effective and long lasting whilst the treatment only takes a few minutes to complete.

Dermal fillers are a flexible option that can provide you with smoother facial lines. This option is absorbed into the body over time, losing its initial effect, so it is up to you when you decide to maintain them to obtain the appearance that you are after.

They are a clear gel that adds volume to the skin on your face. You are able to maintain a natural expression, unlike other popular treatments that we offer. Feel confident this Mother’s Day in Glasgow with a treatment that takes around 30 minutes and can last around 6 to 9 months.

We also offer lip augmentation which can provide you with fuller, more defined lips to perfectly capture your brilliant smile. We can help you to create a natural, yet noticeably distinct, look that will be sure to turn heads.

What other treatments do we offer?

We can also speak to you about an effective procedure that slows the effects of ageing and restores your skin, leaving you feeling and looking fresher and younger.

Discoloured skin, scars and wrinkles are commonly treated, with areas such as the eyelid, smile lines, foreheads, mouth and neck frequently worked on.

We can also work to reshape and contour problem areas of your body with a couple of different options that might be of interest to you. Radio frequency reshaping is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and we also offer thermal contraction therapy which can not only be used on the face where sagging skin lacks definition, but also on the arms or abdomen where skin contraction could be beneficial. We urge you to speak with us regarding your aims so that we can offer you the best solutions in a risk-free and supportive environment. We look forward to helping to change your life for the better where you can see enhancing results in each part of your body.