Restore that faded smile with teeth whitening in Glasgow

You may have pearly whites right now, but over time that glamorous grin can start to fade as your teeth become stained and discoloured to the point where that once confident smile is now hidden away.


With a few sessions of teeth whitening in Glasgow we can bring that smile out of the shadows and give  your teeth a healthy glow you will love to show off.

What causes tooth discolouration?

Discolouration or ‘yellowing’ of the teeth is fairly common and a lot of patients look to teeth whitening in Glasgow as a way to resolve this problem. The source of this staining is mainly down to diet as things like wine, coffee and tobacco based products such as cigarettes, can leave your smile looking less than stellar.

Although this doesn’t happen after one night of drinking one or two glasses of wine, it’s more a cumulative build-up. So that morning coffee right now may not seem like it’s doing any harm, but over time you may find that your teeth start to not look as bright as they once did.

How your teeth are restored

When it comes to whitening your teeth there tends to be two commonly used techniques to brighten up a tooth’s natural shade. The first option involves your dentist sprinkling a reactive powder on your teeth that is then exposed to a laser which will cause a reaction to occur that should whiten them over time.

The other commonly used technique is similar to the laser method and is often referred to as ‘power whitening’, but instead of a laser we use a special light to start the whitening reaction.

At The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry our team have a combined 50 years of experience in handling patients with a range of requests such as whitening and in just a few short sessions we can have that smile looking brighter and whiter once more.

Whitening kits

One particularly unique feature about whitening your teeth is that you don’t need to come into the practice to have it done, as we can provide you with a kit to use at home. This option is ideal for patients that may have a strict schedule or are only free after the practice has closed.

The kits are all custom made and your dentist will normally provide you with detailed instructions on how to use them and how long for, to make sure you get the correct results.

Is it safe?

Because this treatment does involve using a bleaching component it’s completely understandable to have concerns about it, but it’s completely safe. Whitening treatments and the home kits that are provided are all rigorously checked and strictly controlled to ensure there is no harm to patients.

If you’re still worried then we recommend that you only use a small amount of gel from your home kit and follow your dentist’s instructions to the letter, to ensure that your gums and teeth are kept healthy whilst they whiten.

These are just a few facts about our whitening process, if you would like to know more about how we can help restore your smile then just get in touch with our team at our Glasgow practice.