The benefits of teeth whitening in Glasgow

Whitening your teeth may seem like something that only the incredibly vain or Hollywood starlets seem to do, but in reality it’s a fairly common practice and it can provide quite a number of benefits to patients of this practice.


Here are some of the benefits waiting for patients interested in teeth whitening in Glasgow.

What the process involves

Before we get too far into our list, the process of teeth whitening in Glasgow essentially involves brightening your teeth’s natural shade by removing any discolouration and staining, whilst also not damaging a single tooth or the protective enamel layer around them.

At The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry our team will take the utmost care in your whitening sessions to ensure that your teeth and gums are kept healthy and safe whilst we restore that faded smile.

Removes signs of staining

One of the most common reasons for patients coming for whitening is to reduce staining. Over time a discolouration or ‘yellowing’ of the teeth can start to appear and this can be quite off putting for patients that are less than confident about showing off their smile. The main causes of this staining are down to things that we eat and drink in our diet, such as coffee, wine and tobacco products like cigarettes, pipes and cigars.

A few scheduled sessions of whitening with our team can reduce this staining, whilst brightening up your natural shade to give you back those shiny pearly whites you may have thought you had lost for good.

Provides a confidence boost

Your smile can speak volumes about you and having a less than confident grin can be quite a source of anxiety for our patients. Brightening up that grin with a few whitening sessions is a great way to give yourself that little confidence boost.

Makes a special occasion more memorable

Having a confident smile that you can show off during a special day such as an anniversary, birthday or wedding can make a massive difference, so why not make the day memorable by brightening up that smile?

It also can help make you look more professional during job interviews, This is because the smiles we show to the world can speak volumes without us ever saying a thing, so hand yourself as much of an advantage as you can, by giving yourself a healthy looking set of teeth.

Eases those signs of ageing

Over time your teeth can start to yellow and thin as the protective enamel layer around them starts to wear down and degenerate from acids in our diet and through general wear and tear from brushing, eating or activities. Using our bleaching techniques we are able to ease off the signs of this thinning to keep your smile looking healthy and bright as you enjoy your twilight years.

These are just a few of the numerous ways in which you can benefit from a few whitening sessions with our team. If you would like to learn more about this particular procedure, or to schedule your own appointment then just get in touch with our team at our Glasgow practice.