The importance of having regular hygiene visits in Glasgow

It is known that sometimes we underestimate the importance of our oral health. We may become slack with our regular dental hygiene routines and may not always do what is necessary to ensure our teeth and gums remain free from infection.


We know that our teeth play a huge role in our lives as we use our teeth to speak, eat, chew and digest food. Which is why it is important to have a set oral care routine to help maintain the health of our teeth.

If you are unsure of where to start in terms of having a good hygiene routine, it may be best to locate a local dentist and start scheduling regular hygiene visits in Glasgow. And what better place to schedule these visits than at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry.

What is The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry?

Our practice, The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, is based in Glasgow and it is one of the first dental practices in Scotland which has been able to successfully combine implantology, face and body rejuvenation and of course dentistry, in one centre.

Our centre is made up of over 100 years of combined experience from our dental professionals, to ensure that our patients receive their ideal treatment. We have also ensured that all of our dentists and clinicians have undertaken postgraduate training in their specialist areas, to ensure that the services and treatments provided are up to date and are of the highest standard.

Periodontal treatments

At The Scottish Centre for Excellence, we offer gum treatments for the maintenance of healthy gums. Our dental hygienists have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area and are able to educate our patients in how to effectively care for their teeth and gums.

Periodontal diseases can be the cause of infections of the gum, which can destroy teeth if the gums are not treated quickly enough. It is important to have regular dental hygiene visits in Glasgow as the initial stages of periodontal disease usually have little to no symptoms. By attending our centre for your regular dental hygiene visit in Glasgow one of our dentists will be able to arrange periodontal screening, so that any diseases you may have might be detected and diagnosed early.

Factors which can affect the health of your gums

There are many reasons as to why you may be experiencing issues with your gums and/or your oral health in general. It is important to look at your daily routine, to see whether there is anything you can eliminate to help improve the health of your teeth and gums. Examples of factors which can affect your oral health include clenching and grinding your teeth, a poor diet/nutrition, medication, illness or even stress. The use of tobacco has also been found to lead to gum disease, as it has been known to interfere with the everyday function of gum cells, as well as affect the attachment of soft tissue and bone to your teeth.