What are the most important parts of orthodontics? By Dr Imran Shafi

In the first of this series we talked about the difference between specialist orthodontist and a dentist that does orthodontics. The second part was about age not being a barrier for orthodontics and the different types of brace appliances available to achieve that wonderful smile. This final part will be about the most important parts of orthodontics. The answers to this are very easy: healthy mouth of patient before, during and after any orthodontics, followed by wearing your retainer.

All teeth move during our lives, very slowly and subtle. Orthodontics can produce lovely smiles with all the benefits of straight teeth. However, if we do not manage the post orthodontic treatment phase well, then teeth can shift back to previous position and this is very disappointing. Hence all patients at SCED are provided with a retainer to wear at night times. This is very thin, clear trays made to fit over your teeth and worn at just after brushing your teeth prior to bedtime. In some cases we provide a fully customised bonded (thin wire) retainer to the back of your front teeth. This holds the front teeth well, but not the back teeth and you would still need your thin clear retainer trays over the wire retainers.

There have been numerous expensive and high-profile campaigns by the British Orthodontic Society and the American Orthodontic Society about the importance of retainer wear. Sadly, the message is still not well known…so we are going to say it simply here at SCED. Wearing your orthodontic retainer to maintain your lovely smile is a lifelong commitment. Just like getting hair styled, healthy eating and living a     good lifestyle, then the night time routine of wearing your retainer to keep your teeth from moving is imperative.

One of the commonest questions Dr Imran Shafi get is “how long do I wear retainers for?” and his answer is “for as long as you want straight teeth”

A full consultation with our specialist orthodontic will give you all the information you require to make an informed decision about retention. Here at SCED we provide removable night time retainers that fit over all your teeth, and bonded (wire) retainers discreetly on the back of your front teeth.


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