What is mouth cancer and what should I do to protect myself and my family?

We all know that you go to your dentist for a root canal or even for aesthetic treatments such as Botox. However, what you might not know is you can go to your dentist for mouth cancer screening.

Mouth cancer covers a range of cancers in the mouth, neck and nasal passages. There are several types of cancers that can arise, however the most common is squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which occurs in the surface cells of the skin.

Mouth Cancer Screening in GlasgowSymptoms vary and could be as simple as a mouth ulcer that hasn’t healed, lumps and swellings in the neck or mouth or tingling in the lips or tongue. Of course, these could be symptoms of a range of other things, including a common cold, so it’s important to go to your dentist to have a mouth cancer screening appointment.

Here at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, we offer mouth cancer screening in Glasgow as a yearly routine service.

What will happen at my mouth cancer screening?

During your screening, we will look thoroughly around your neck, throat and under your tongue, we’ll also use a handheld screening device. It’s not very different from a normal check-up and completely painless.

If we did find any abnormalities, we will then treat you and monitor your progress or we’ll refer you for further treatment.

When should I have a screening?

You should have a yearly screening and can be booked in with any of our dentists at our Glasgow clinic. We are open Monday to Friday, 8.45am till 5.30pm, so we can offer you a range of times and appointments to ensure you are seen quickly.

If I’m worried about anything what should I do?

If you have noticed anything abnormal, we are here to help. Just book in an appointment for you or your family member and we can get you checked out.

We here to support and we take you and your family’s oral health seriously. Our dental hygienists, dentists and dental surgeons can offer you great responsive care, no matter what issue you are facing. Get in touch today for greater peace of mind.