Why choose us for Orthodontics? By Dr Imran Shafi

Often we are asked what is the difference between a specialist orthodontist and a dentist that does orthodontics?Crown and Bridge Work in Glasgow


Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry that is concerned with the development and management of irregularities and abnormalities in the teeth and jaws. The field of orthodontics largely focuses on treatments such as tooth straightening using orthodontic braces or aligners, as well as problems pertaining to the jaw. The aim of orthodontics is to produce a healthy, functioning bite, creating higher resistance to disease processes and improving your personal appearance. Patients find that orthodontic treatment contributes to both their mental and physical wellbeing


All specialist orthodontists in the UK have undertaken several years of further training after completing their dental degree. Hence they have a strong and broad foundation in general and hospital dentistry. The specialist training programmes are competitively entered and concurrently the orthodontist will have undertaken postgraduate university research to Masters or Doctorate level. The orthodontist Dr Imran Shafi is on the specialist list for orthodontics General Dental Council (GDC number 79325).




Some general dentists have completed shorter and much less detailed courses in orthodontics and have an interest in the subject. They would have varying levels of expertise and ability in orthodontics. The decision as to whether to have treatment with a specialist orthodontist or non-specialist is ultimately up to the individual. Cost wise, dentists and orthodontists generally charge the same amount for similar orthodontic treatment. As a patient you get the added benefit of being treated by a specialist when you see a qualified orthodontist.


At Scottish Centre of Excellence in Dentistry we all work closely together with our professional colleagues to provide our patients integrated treatments of the highest standard. It is imperative that this is undertaken seamlessly and easily for our patients to maintain our practice ethos of excellence in dentistry.


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