" Act Global and think Local, these guys are really personal in their service towards you. I felt when I was with Scott that for me I was the only person he had to see that day. I didn't feel like I was on a short appointment, I didn't feel like I was getting rushed "
Neil - Patient

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The dentists and specialists at The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry who carry out implant treatment have extensive experience in this field. Some are also involved in the teaching and training of other dentists who wish to carry out implant treatment.

Exceptional service (as always) from Scott Muir and team at SCED. I would highly recommend this wonderful centre for anyone undergoing any dental work. I'm a nervous patient, but the kindness and attention shown to me makes every visit feel like seeing friends. I've had major work done and never feel vulnerable or in pain. Happy to give personal feedback for anyone who wants to hear more.


Dental implants are titanium posts which are carefully inserted into the jawbone where teeth are missing. These anchors act as tooth root substitutes. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Small posts are then attached to the implant, which protrude through the gums. These posts provide stable anchors for artificial replacement teeth.

Hi Scott attended with his team. I found my whole experience a pleasure and painless too! Have already recommended and will continue. Thanks again.


Implants also help preserve facial structure, preventing bone deterioration that occurs when teeth are missing. If you are considering implants, your mouth must be examined thoroughly and your medical and dental history reviewed. If your mouth is not ideal for implants, ways of improving outcome, such as bone grafting, may be recommended. Dental implants and bone grafts are performed in the centre with or without the use of intra-venous sedation. Once the implants are in place, they will serve you well for many years if you take care of them and keep your mouth healthy. This means taking the time for good oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) and keeping regular appointments with your dental specialists.

After many years of living with a crown on an unstable root I finally made the decision to have an implant 4 weeks ago when my crown decided to part company with me once again. I knew of the centre through recommendation and called Yvonne (on a Sunday) who kindly calmed me and steered me in the right direction in organising an emergency appointment. The following day I visited and was seen by Scot Muir who instantly put me at ease and after talking me through ALL my options agreed to proceed with an implant. Yesterday my implant was fitted and a temporary tooth constructed with a view to completing with my permanent late Nov. In summary the whole experience has been nothing less than 5* The staff are wonderful and I have been kept appraised at every stage throughout my visits. At no point did I feel I was being steered towards any particular option based on cost (refreshing) and I can't wait to see the final results. If you are considering an implant DO IT!!! I. Wish I had years ago. Thank you all at Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry.


Dental implants are one of the most popular solutions for missing teeth. Unlike other options, such as unsecured dentures or bridges, dental implants provide a permanent solution for patients who have lost one, some or all of their teeth.

Six monthly review with hygienist and Dr Scott Muir checking on a full upper implant procedure completed some eighteen months ago. As with every visit a friendly and very professional service.


Many people describe dental implants as "replacement teeth" but in fact they are more accurately replacement tooth roots. Implants are small titanium screws placed directly in the jawbone, where they integrate with the bone to provide a stable anchor for replacement teeth in the form of secured dentures, bridges or crowns.

As someone who had a lifelong fear of dentists I was astounded at the care and professionalism I received from Dr Scott Muir and his colleagues. Everyone from the receptionist to Dr Muir was so helpful and although I had implant treatment I can honestly say I never felt a thing. My follow up visits were of the same high standard and I was so impressed I have returned for some further work. I would highly recommend this dental clinic.


Missing teeth can be embarrassing, making you hide your smile away in public. They can also cause further dental and general health problems, as remaining teeth may move into the gap, becoming crooked and difficult to clean, while your diet may also be affected as many healthy foods are suddenly off the menu. In many cases, dental implants provide the perfect solution.

Just finished implant treatment with Scot and his Post Grad students, and from start to finish have had excellent treatment, really pleased with my new teeth. Having complex dental work done by students might seem a bit daunting but Scot is very much in control, and oversees every step. All in a surprisingly pleasant experience, good banter and I'd thoroughly recommend both Scot and the centre to anyone.


The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry has been designed as a five-star resort for patients in need of dental implant treatment. We use the very latest technology and techniques, in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Many of our implant patients and referring dentists have testified to the truly excellent standards of treatment and care we provide.

Our implants team comprises dentists Arshad Ali, Scot Muir, Abid Faqir and Kevin O'Farrell, who have a combined experience of more than 50 years in implantology. Arshad has 30 years of experience in working with implants, has won many prestigious awards for his work and shares his knowledge by training other implant dentists. We also have a dedicated support team of implant nurses, managers and co-ordinators.

I am so grateful to my dentist for recommending me to SCED. I needed three dental implants because my very old bridge had finally 'given up'. Nothing but gratitude for the quality of care I have received from everyone. Barbara


Implants are placed in the jawbone in a minor surgical procedure, which can be carried out under local anaesthetic or sedation. Depending on your individual circumstances and needs, you may have a healing period during which your implants integrate with your bone before restorations or placed, or you may be suitable for Same Day Teeth, where implants and restorations are placed on the same day.

If your teeth have been missing for some time, you may have suffered bone loss, but we may still be able to help you achieve a new smile with the aid of bone grafts or sinus lifts. This involves building up the bone before placing implants, so that they have a firm anchorage.

Dr Scott Muir gave me back not only my smile but my self confidence, it may be expensive but worth every penny. It was a long process as I had infection in all 4 of my front top teeth and had to undergo bone grafts and bone regrowth to make it possible for me to have implants, I hated my plate and with Scott's expertise he managed to give me my implants. From my first visit to my last everything was explained to me regarding my treatment and costing, all staff were very friendly to me. I can't thank Scott enough for his work done on my mouth and his personality is second to none from start to finish. I walked into his clinic a stranger and came out a friend. Scott is a perfectionist and I knew he would achieve my* Smile* back for me. Thank you Scott from the bottom of my heart.


Mr Ali

Dear Mr Ali

Many thanks for carrying out my implant so successfully, and for making the procedure as comfortable as it could


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